An Elizabethan-inspired theatre in France

Studio Andrew Todd has unveiled its latest work near Calais: a sleek wooden theatre inspired by Shakespeare’s Globe.

The theatre is made entirely of bamboo and cross-laminated timber (CLT), complementing the natural surroundings of the Chateau d’Hardelot in Northern France.

The cylindrical structure has multiple layers, which are connected by spiral staircases and curving galleries inside the theatre, where seats on three levels surround the open stage. Spaces between the bamboo poles and the wooden walls provide natural light, which is enhanced by the glazing at the top of the building.

The theatre, which has been described as an ‘incarnation of Franco-British understanding’, took just seven weeks to build.

Andrew Todd said: ‘It’s designed to vibrate with its natural surroundings rather than be a stand-alone, attention-seeking, alien object… It is possible to put on a show in this building literally with nothing, using only natural light and natural ventilation and the breath of the surrounding forest.’

Explore this unique theatre design here.

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