La Cité du Vin

A wine museum in Bordeaux showcases a shimmering façade of metal and glass.

La Cité du Vin, designed by XTU Architects, has a unique curving structure, which evokes the ‘perpetual movement’ of wine swirling in a glass.

The ten floor building spirals up from a courtyard to a 55 metre high viewing tower, with exhibitions, tasting rooms, and restaurants on the way, leading from the darkness of the basement to the light of the panoramic tower.

The façade is crafted from perforated aluminium and silkscreen-printed glazing, creating a textured, metallic effect.

The architects said: ‘A strong architectural statement, La Cité du Vin stands out with its bold curves and shape. [It] dazzles with a golden shimmer reminiscent of the light stone found on Bordeaux facades’.

The tourist attraction opened to the public in May; read more about La Cité du Vin here.

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