The ‘Cloud Pavilion’ in Shanghai


Shanghai is now home to a permanent exhibition space called the Cloud Pavilion.

Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen, the Cloud Pavilion is a redesign of a temporary pavilion for the West Bund Biennale of Art and Architecture.

The new pavilion is a solid cuboid, with a cloud-shaped centre sandwiched between the floor and the ceiling. Supported by steel, the pavilion primarily consists of dramatic curves of glazing, which house 100 square metres of exhibition space.

At night, the ceiling acts as an illuminated mirror, casting the pavilion in an ethereal light that acts as a beacon for visitors on the waterfront.

Chris Hardie, Design Partner at Schmidt Hammer Lassen discussed the project with designboom: ‘The new pavilion creates a singular space in the form of an extruded glass cloud. The cloud shape in plan directly relates to the cartoon like form associated with how a child would draw a cloud, and how clouds are often seen depicted in traditional Chinese prints.’

Take a closer look at the Cloud Pavilion here.

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