Amsterdam could gain a revolutionary new transport hub

Amsterdam could soon become home to an innovative infrastructure project uniting its inner and outer cities.

A multidisciplinary team, led by Ben van Berkel and UNStudio, has carried out a study commissioned by The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA), exploring how the districts around the city’s A10 ring road can be revitalised in the 21st Century.

The team’s proposal consists of a central transport hub, surrounded by new residential areas ‒ all designed to create ‘human-centric urban environments’ that will transform this part of Amsterdam into a destination.

The gleaming hub will allow people to move between transport methods, aiding their journeys through the bustling city, and will also feature restaurant and retail spaces to attract locals and tourists to the regenerated area.

Described by the team as allowing for ‘a strong social infrastructure and job creation opportunities’, the plans offer a very interesting and modern solution to a unique challenge.

Find out more about the plans here.

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