Santiago Calatrava’s landmark £1 billion project in London

Star architect Santiago Calatrava has revealed his first major UK project – a £1 billion redevelopment in Greenwich, London.

The project, Peninsula Place, is a fully developed infrastructure scheme, incorporating a range of facilities, including homes and hotels, performance and leisure venues, office space, and even a London Underground station.

However, the most remarkable feature of Calatrava’s design is the stunning trio of glazed towers, which taper and curve into each other, creating a triangular canopy in the centre of the development; this shelters winter gardens under gleaming expanses of glass.

Peninsula Place is just part of a £8.4 billion regeneration of the area, which sits on the River Thames; Calatrava’s scheme meets the waterfront with a striking bridge that boasts a white lattice pattern.

Calatrava discussed his plans, saying: ‘It is an honour to be designing such a piece of the fabric of London, a city I love. In designing this scheme, I have been inspired by London’s rich architectural heritage and the very special geography of the Peninsula.’

Explore the bold designs here.

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