Famous architecture firm Foster + Partners ‘towers’ in Mecca

Prestigious architects Foster + Partners have revealed their plans for a gleaming cluster of towers in Mecca.

The Saudi Arabian project takes the form of an intricate complex of stepped towers, which descend in size towards the largest mosque in the world.

The Jabal Omar Development consists of dozens of rectilinear towers, inspired by the layout of traditional Arabic cities.

The towers will house luxury accommodation for pilgrims to the holy site, with bedrooms providing prayer space and facing the Grand Mosque.

Inside the impressive scheme, pillars cascade from the ceilings, which feature beautifully patterned metalwork that, along with extensive glazing, allows soft natural light to flood the space.

The architects describe the design as combining ‘luxury with humility’, saying: ‘our design sets out to create an innovative building form that will be respectful to the scale and importance of the Grand Mosque’.

Discover more about this unique project here.

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