A lotus-inspired cultural centre in Vietnam

A stunning design for a Hanoi cultural centre has been unveiled.

Designed by Australian firm DeciBel, Hanoi Lotus takes the form of a lotus flower, surrounded by five smaller flowers. Crafted from ‘petals’ of metal and glass, each flower is part of a larger complex located on an expansive lake in the Vietnamese city.

Fountains and decking separate each blossom, while the central flower will house an auditorium, with offices, cinemas, and other facilities also featuring in the striking complex.

DeciBel said: ‘The form of the Hanoi Lotus is inspired by the lotus flower, found throughout Vietnam. The young tightly wrapped lotus flower is a poignant symbol of growth and potential before it busts open into an elegantly coloured bloom. Bouquets of tightly clustered lotus flower are a common sight on the streets of Hanoi and form the inspiration for the composition of our building’.

Sitting in the heart of the city, Hanoi Lotus is due to be completed by the Lunar New Year in 2019.

Explore this beautiful design in more detail here.

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