Scali Milano: Regenerating Milan

Five prestigious architecture firms have put forward their ideas for regenerating Milan’s disused railway yards.

The project, Scali Milano, aims to make the most of the seven abandoned spaces with brand new, sustainable infrastructure.

The architects taking part include MAD, Mecanoo, and Stefano Boeri Architetti, with the list completed by Cino Zucchi Architects and EMBT Miralles Tagliabue.

MAD’s ‘Memory and Future: Milan reborn’ combines curving towers with civic spaces, while Mecanoo has opted for parkland and urban farms that would boost the city’s eco credentials.

Other ideas include Cino Zucchi Architects’ ‘Seven Beautiful Broli’, which would incorporate winding paths connecting meadows and public squares.

Explore Scali Milano in more detail here.

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