Exploring Maximalist architecture

Swedish Maximalism 26.05.17

‘Maximalism’ is a term that is gaining ground in the architectural world, often being assigned to examples of postmodern architecture that are bold in colour, shape, and style.

This includes the work of respected Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh, whose contribution to the industry has been highlighted in an ArchDaily article.

Wingårdh is the record-breaking five-time winner of the Kasper Salin Prize (the Swedish equivalent of the RIBA Stirling Prize) and is known for creating eye-catching buildings in Sweden and further afield.

ArchDaily draws attention to his recent ‘more stylish aesthetic’, describing it as ‘implementing bold colors, geometric patterns and dramatically tilting walls’.

A rejection of the minimalist, rectilinear International Style, this flamboyant aesthetic can be seen in a variety of Wingårdh’s buildings, including the striking Kuggen.

Kuggen (‘The Cog’) consists of colourful panels, which are stacked to create five floors, each wider than the one below, with triangular windows letting in light ‘where it’s needed most’.

Other ‘Maximalist’ buildings by Wingårdh include the golden Facts Emporia shopping centre, which features a distinctive curve in its core, and the T-shaped Victoria Tower.

Find out more about Wingårdh and Maximalism here.

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