New heights for Jersey City

A new apartment tower in New Jersey is now the area’s tallest residential skyscraper, and its irregular shape makes it one of the most striking, too.

At 69 storeys high, the Jersey City Urby, designed by Amsterdam-based studio Concrete, rises 713 feet (217 metres) into the sky overlooking the Hudson River.

The impressive grey structure is made up of Jenga-esque blocks, stacked irregularly with floor plates cantilevering over the ground below, sparking comparisons to Herzog & de Meuron’s 56 Leonard tower in Manhattan.

The building houses an unusual range of amenities, offering a ‘creative lab’ and residency program for Jersey City scientists and artists. Urby’s vision is to allow residents to enjoy private space and communal areas in equal measure. The apartments are small but efficient, but, on the ninth floor, residents can enjoy a heated pool and fire pit outdoors and a communal kitchen hosting cooking classes and wine tastings inside.

To learn more about Jersey City’s latest skyscraper, click here.

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