Transforming a historic town in the Netherlands

Valkenburg aan de Geul, a picturesque town nestled in the hills of South Limburg in the Netherlands, now has a modern residential and shopping centre – complete with AluK window and door systems.

The town’s reputation as a tourist attraction was starting to fade, but this new development appeals to locals and visitors alike.

Designed by AWG Architects, the project seamlessly complements the historic aesthetic of the local buildings, using a combination of marl, Belgian blue hardstone, yellowed cobbles, and plasterwork to create natural and understated façades.

The authentic yet contemporary appearance of the buildings is enhanced by AluK’s Triton 3-chamber aluminium window and door system, which can hold large expanses of glazing to open up spaces and make the most of natural light.

Along with new retail and restaurant space, the development offers 50 apartments with roof gardens – a stylish addition to Valkenburg.

Watch the video below to see the town’s transformation.

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