Sasol Place

Paragon Architects have recently completed Sasol Place, a brand new, purpose-built office building which incorporates stunning design and a collaborative workspace for petrochemical giant Sasol.

Sasol asked Paragon to replace their existing offices spread across 14 buildings in Johannesburg, South Africa; the company required a building that not only reflected the company’s growth and the site, but also brought together a scattered workforce over 3,000 people in one sustainable building.

The 47-metre-high building is shaped like an ‘S’, with a central core linked to two atriums via a series of sweeping, industrial-looking bridges of steel and glass. The building was designed to maximise natural light, encouraging employee collaboration in the open spaces and, with its irregular, top-heavy shape, reduce the original Sasol office footprint by almost 40%.

At the foot of the structure are gardens filled with indigenous plants to boost wildlife and staff wellbeing, while on the roof open gardens and even biomes continue the building’s green credentials.

Inside, Sasol Place contains 10 office floors, while lettable space brings the building’s capacity up to 7,500 people. Amenities include a restaurant, coffee shop, wellness centre, convenience store, gym and a gallery and sculpture garden dedicated to showcasing local artists’ work.

To see more of Sasol’s global headquarters, click here.

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