A twisted tower for Toulouse

The first skyscraper in Toulouse has been revealed – and it’s a stunning twisted garden tower by Studio Libeskind.

The 150-metre-high Occitanie Tower will feature a ‘continuous vertical landscape’ terraced with trees and greenery, spiralling towards the sky to reflect the winding Canal du Midi.

The tower, for Compagnie de Phalsbourg, will host office and commercial space, along with a Hilton hotel, apartments, and a panoramic restaurant, which will provide views of the Pyrenees.

Daniel Libeskind said: ‘With its suspended gardens that change colour during the seasons, the slight silvertine of the glazing of the facade will reflect the pink tones of Toulouse and the brightness of this material will change perception of the space, according to the variation of light’.

Explore Occitanie Tower here.

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