A skinny skyscraper for New York

Moscow-based studio Meganom has unveiled designs of its first US project: a skinny, supertall residential skyscraper near Madison Square Park.

Sitting in Midtown Manhattan, the super structure will stand 1,001 feet tall (305 metres) and, according to Meganom, will be ‘unlike anything else built in New York’.

The studio’s design features a narrow tower clad in aluminium and glass, with oversized and perforated porthole windows. Full length windows will offer stunning views of the city for residents, while a rectilinear crown atop the skyscraper will serve as a viewing platform for the public.

Meganom intend the interior spaces to be clean and open, so a mechanical core runs up the west side of the tower, instead of the centre, so living space will be free of bulky supporting columns.

It’s ‘a progressive example of forward-thinking and contemporary design’, according to the Russian designers, which will feature several New York firsts in terms of both design and environmental sustainability.

To learn more about this skinny superstructure, click here.

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