Bangkok’s MahaNakhon: The disappearing skyscraper

Now the tallest building in Bangkok, the MahaNakhon tower appears to dissolve, pixelate and solidify before your very eyes.

Standing at 1,029 feet tall, the 77-storey tower was designed by Ole Scheeren, along with Thai property firm PACE Development. As you look at it, the building appears to shift and twist into fragments. The ‘pixelated’ appearance of the tower’s iconic ribbon, which reveals its inner layer as it swirls around the structure, also allows the building to ‘disappear’ into the landscape.

‘The design of MahaNakhon dismantles the typical power and podium typology, creating a skyscraper that melds with the city by gradually “dissolving” as it flows downward,’ explains Scheeren.

‘A series of cascading indoor/outdoor terraces at the base of the tower accommodates retail and entertainment facilities, evoking the shifting protrusions of a mountain landscape.’

MahaNakhon is designed for luxury retail, hotel and residential use, with 200 condo units managed by Ritz-Carlton Residences inside, and an observation deck at the top of the skyscraper offering stunning views of Bangkok.

You can find out more about MahaNakhon here.

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