La Seine Musicale

Four years after being selected to design a major new music venue in the western suburbs of Paris, Japanese architect Shigeru Ban’s La Seine Musicale is now open to the public.

Developed in collaboration with French architect Jean de Gastine, Ban’s design was heavily influenced by the curvature of the island on which the music hall is situated, Île Seguin, as well as its industrial heritage.

The building appears almost like a ship, with a spherical glass auditorium of photovoltaic panels sitting like sails billowing above deck.  Combining striking design and sustainability, La Seine Musicale was conceived as a new symbol for western Paris.

Inside, the 1,150-seat auditorium is designed to achieve maximum visual and acoustic harmony and intimacy between the performers and the audience. Elaborately worked timber forms surround the stage, interior walls and ceilings, creating a warm, cosy atmosphere and sound-proofing the room.

As well as the auditorium, the 2.35 hectare, 280 meter-long site also hosts a multi-purpose concert hall, a smaller classic musical venue, rehearsal spaces, recording rooms, ships and a public rooftop park.

You can see more of this stunning new civic space here.

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