Seattle Stacked

An upcoming residential tower planned for downtown Seattle, US, is a pixelated tower of twisting, stacked cubes.

At 440 feet (134 meters), the Nexus tower is planned to address the shortage of dwellings available for purchase in a busy rental market. Designers Weber Thompson, along with the building’s commissioners, Burrard Development, hoped to target young, first-time buyers with the tower.

‘Designed with millennials and urban-loving empty nesters in mind, the entire project is conceived as a celebration of technology, with a focus on sustainable principles and a new way to live,’ explain the design team.

The 3,200 square-foot development offers 367 apartments, with each enjoying a rooftop garden in the space created by the stacked boxes’ degrees of separation. 4 degrees separates each turning box, offering privacy and green space and fragmenting the building.

‘Sculpted erosions’ at the corner of the top floors allows for the creation of two penthouse apartments, as opposed to one, adding interest to the floor plan and giving residents stunning city views.

The building, set for completion in 2019, adds an almost digital feel to the Seattle skyline, contrasting attractively with its clean, modern neighbours.

You can find out more about the Nexus here.

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