Singapore’s Downtown Oasia

Singapore’s brand new high-rise isn’t just lively – it’s quite literally alive with dozens of species of plants, covering the building from ground level up.

Designed by local architects WOHA, the Oasia Hotel Downtown is covered in 21 species of climbers and flowers, planted across more than 1,793 boxes at the tower’s corners to allow for easy maintenance, and was designed as the first tropical high-rise in Singapore.

‘We wanted as many species as possible to recreate an ecosystem,’ says WOHA co-founder Wong Mun Summ, ‘It has flowers to attract insects and climbers for squirrels and lizards.’ In three years, when the tower’s plants have fully matured it will look ‘furry, almost like an animal,’ according to Mun Summ.

Situated in Singapore’s incredibly dense business district, the hotel will contain 314 rooms and 100 office units but was chiefly conceived as compensation for the area’s lack of greenery.

‘Sustainability is important to us,’ says Mun Summ, ‘It has open-sided gardens so there is no need for mechanical ventilation [and] most of the water for the irrigation system is harvested from rainfall.’

‘Singapore is a land-limited country. As it gets denser, it is necessary to create a liveable environment, adds Mun Summ.

You can see more of the Downtown Oasia building here.

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