Melbourne’s ‘vase’ tower revealed

Visuals have finally been revealed of Zaha Hadid Architects proposed tower in Melbourne, which will reach 185 metres into the sky and resemble curved ‘vases’ stacked on top of one another.

The Melbourne tower will be made up of four stacked blocks with detailed, white filigree facades and was first unveiled by the London-based architects in 2015. The first design images have just been released, but the building isn’t due for completion until 2023.

The vase-shaped curving blocks that make up the tower feature striped or latticed fronts, with oblong openings for windows.

‘The hotel’s facade reinterprets this historical detailing in a contemporary solution, introducing a delicate filigree that gently envelops the building,’ explains ZHA project manager, Michele Pasca di Magliano.

The building is to be occupied by the Mandarin Oriental hotel group and will stand on Collins Street, in the heart of Melbourne’s commercial district.

As well as 196 guest suits and 148 apartments, the tower will offer private amenities including a lounge, restaurant and bar, roof terrace, spa, gym and swimming pool.

‘The tower’s design conveys the wide variety of interior spaces within,’ adds di Magliano, ‘[We’re] dividing the building’s overall volume into a series of smaller stacked vases, with each different vase housing the bespoke guest rooms, suites, residences or amenities.’

You can learn more about the project here.

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