Verticality meets practicality

A new tower in Hong Kong brings urban ‘verticality’ into the apartment unit itself for the first time in a recent design proposal.

Although apartments are typically stacked in a horizontal arrangement, these dwellings are stacked vertically on top of one another so that each apartment becomes its own tower and, when blocked together, they create shared outdoor space and a local neighbourhood on every level.

US-based designers Kwong von Glinow Design Office offer three basic dwellings: a studio, a one-bedroom apartment and a family unit. Each unit varies in size, proportion, organisation and colour, serving the individual needs of whoever inhabits the space.

The modular mode of construction and low weight of each individual box allows for fast fabrication, minimal build time and flexible transportation. The system is also easy to replicate; from a simple house in the countryside to a city high-rise, modern life can be served by ‘pixels’.

The units comprising the tower are entirely pre-fabricated and, once assembled into boxes, can be easily mounted onto each other using cast-in, steel-plate embeds. The tower’s concrete frame is covered in colourful ceramic tiles, allowing the building to blend into the Hong Kong skyline and making use of a common construction material in the area.

You can see more of the proposal here.

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