A rooftop playground for millennials

Dutch architecture studio Concrete has created a brand new socially-minded space in Hong Kong designed to meet the needs of the city’s millennial residents.

The Skypark, located in central Kowloon, combines a clubhouse, grassy roof garden and steps that double up as outdoor amphitheatre-style seating. The entire structure was built with a concept known as The Artisanal Movement in mind, which promoted creativity, craftsmanship and community in architecture.

Developers New World Development wanted the Skypark to feel like an escape from urban living, offering young professionals a comfortable, fashionable place to hang out. Located on the 28th floor, the clubhouse offers a pool, bar, library and gym, and is completely glazed allowing for stunning city views.

‘The architect has created a space perfect for urban dwellers, realising their dream of longing for a serene space where they can escape the hustle in the midst of the bustling city life, say NWD.

‘The end result is a clubhouse in the sky and a park high above the it, where people can interact with each other easier than ever, in a space without boundaries that provides inspiration for all.’

As well as being a place for millennials to rejuvenate themselves, the Skygarden also uses renewable energies, with wind turbines powering much of the lighting and solar power heating the clubhouse showers.

‘It breaks the traditional clubhouse design mould and provides an open and revolutionary space,’ say designers Concrete.

You can find out more here.

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