Chapel of spheres

A chapel created by Town and Concrete, led by architect Cyril Lancelin, strips back the typical furniture and design aspects required for an orthodox chapel and pushes the building to its purest, simplest form.

The chapel isn’t just innovative in its pared-back aesthetic; it’s also bright green and largely decorated with ethereal, polycarbonate spheres, while a single cross on the building’s front facade communicates the chapel’s function.

Lancelin used a sphere as the main concept, repeating the shape in different directions – contrasting with flat and round surfaces – to form the building’s roof and interior. Deliberate gaps and openings allow worshippers to glimpse the forest beyond and allow light to gently filter into the building.

‘Each sphere is assembled to the other,’ explains Lancelin, ‘The sphere being the favourite element of engineers for the assembly of elements that can be adapted for different uses.’

The chapel’s design also allows it to be fully transportable, so the light-filled, peaceful place to worship can be assembled just about anywhere in the world.

You can see more here.

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