The World’s Tallest Atrium Revealed

The world-famous Zaha Hadid Architects studio has released a handful of monochrome photographs showing the progress of the ‘world’s tallest atrium’.

Inside the 207-metre tall skyscraper in Beijing, the Leeza Soho’s skeleton twists round on itself supported by walkways that anchor the central atrium and wrap it in place. The entire building is around three-quarters complete.

With completion scheduled for late 2018, the 47-storey skyscraper, which will contain a mixture of offices and shops, is on track to achieve its full height later this year, adding to the Lize Financial Business District’s complex of new business and residential units in the southwestern area of the city.

The Leeza Soho and it’s astonishing atrium was designed by Zaha Hadid herself shortly before her death last year. The building appears as a single tower, but is in fact two halves on either side of a new subway tunnel.

As it ascends, the atrium twists 45 degrees to realign the building’s upper floors and allow the two halves to connect. Walkways form bridges between the two halves at different levels and a glass facade envelopes the entire building, adding cohesion and unity to the fragmented structure.

You can see more of the building here.

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