Personality, meet functionality


A quirky South Korean architect commissioned to design a home for a client who works late nights was so inspired by the customer’s job that he created a house resembling an owl.

Moon Hoon, the architect behind the project, used clever setbacks, angles and dramatic facades combined with window arrangements and terraces to create the appearance of a Cubist, irregular owl.

‘The building looks exactly like an owl when you see it from the rear side of the building … the staircase is a wing and the windows of the child’s room are the eyes,’ explains Hoon.

The building contains commercial space on the ground floor; two self-contained apartments on the second floor; a larger, penthouse flat on the third floor; and a final attic in the owl’s ‘head’. The attic houses the child’s room and bedroom, and the architect expressed his disappointment that he couldn’t include a fireman’s pole for the youngster to slide down.

Defining the house as ‘quirky and fun’, Moon Hoon loves making children’s spaces as ‘surprising’ and ‘special’ as possible, and always draws on his clients’ personalities in the design of any building.

‘They usually have very strong personalities and an open-minded taste for new things,’ he explains, ‘My client is a night owl and his job makes him stay up all night, with glaring eyes, so the house really looks like an owl!’

Covering a total of 116 square-metres, the exposed concrete building is certainly striking. Dubbed Busan Times, it’s one of Moon Hoon’s most ambitious projects to date.

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