From VR to smart homes: The future of smart technology


Technology is everywhere nowadays; it’s in our homes, in our pockets and creeping into every aspect of our life, making things easier, faster and more efficient. So what are the key smart technology trends to look out for in the coming years?

Virtual Reality

Having enjoyed a hugely successful comeback throughout 2016, VR technology – along with Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) –  continues its takeover of our personal and professional lives.

From smart assistants on our mobile phones and laptops to architects using AR to demonstrate designs and interiors to clients, VR has moved into the mainstream and shows no sign of slowing down.

The Internet of Things

Despite taking its time to catch on, the IoT is slowly but surely managing to connect and synchronise all our smart devices to have them all working in perfect harmony. While it’s been slow to take off, many startups are now looking into entire ‘smart homes’ to encourage greener living.

City planners are seeing smart homes as a key way to improve day-to-day sustainability and limit energy usage on a larger scale than ever before, meaning we’ll certainly be seeing more of them in the future as the pressure of climate change and dwindling energy sources grow.

Smarter, Greener Buildings

In the wake of the increasing popularity of smarter, greener technology and homes, AluK is proud to have partnered with SUNPARTNER Technologies to launch a brand new, smart façade  system that looks stunning whilst saving energy.

By combining AluK systems and SUNPARTNER smart tech, it’s possible to integrate ventilation, solar control and even energy production in one single façade, meaning the façade is totally autonomous whilst simultaneously absorbing and using clean, green energy.

This astonishing new façade is paving the way for the future of façades everywhere; to find out more about this incredible innovation, visit our website or see it for yourself at the AluK stand at Batimat in Paris next week.

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