Wuhan Greenland Centre

Known for its towering skyscrapers and its cutting-edge design, it’s no surprise that Dubai seems to be the king of cities in the modern architectural world. But where should we look to for the future.

Research suggests we look east to the Chinese province of Hubei for architectural design’s next great build. Designed by AS + GG architects, the Wuhan Greenland Centre signifies the growing life in the city of Wuhan.

Once completed in 2018, the Wuhan Greenland building is expected to be the tallest building in China at a height of 2,087, surpassing the Shanghai Tower by 14 feet! However, buildings at these heights, although awe inspiring, do not come without issues.

The building has been designed in a triangular shape that narrows with its height to protect itself from winds and earthquakes. To highlight the tower’s structure, the top of the building will be a dome shape completely made of glass. The three columns which join at the top of the building are steel-reinforced concrete, which adds to the stability and the overall form of this dramatic design.

Made up of 125 floors, the building will be a mixture of offices, apartments and a hotel. The triangular shape of the building allows tenants and visitors to have different entrances on the ground floor so they can co-exist in this beautiful piece of architecture.

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