Customisation: The future of products?

The biggest fashion trend to come out of 2016 is continuing its steady rise in popularity and looks set to take over 2018, too. The trend? Not a hairstyle or a style of jeans, but complete customisation of every product.

A personalised history

In what represents a move away from mass-produced, global products, tailored and bespoke items are increasingly popular among many consumers. But customisation in 2017 isn’t the personalised Louis Vuitton monograms of yesteryear or switching the colours on a pair of Nike trainers; products can now be totally unique to every customer’s taste, needs and style.

As the internet has given consumers more power to interact with brands and both read and share reviews, there’s been a shift in power, according to trend analyst Maks Fus Mickiewicz: ‘Brands are realising that to stay ahead they need to move away from imposing their aesthetic on others. There’s a new dialogue with customers. Technology companies develop software, but there’s an openness to it being updated and changed.’

What’s next?

Customisation is set to keep growing in popularity; from 3D printing allowing anyone to design, make and adapt just about anything they can dream up to increasingly personalised features of the digital world, such as tailored Facebook feeds based on data and highly-targeted advertising.

In the construction industry, customisation is fast becoming the norm thanks to digital technology and 3D printing. For renovations, a designer can visit your home, digitally measure it and then render 3D models of the rooms based on your taste.

Pre-fab homes, too, are becoming ever more adaptable to the tastes and requirements of the buyer, making every home bespoke.

Introducing Novae

In-keeping with the growing trend of customisation, AluK’s new range of innovative window and door handles are fully-customisable to suit the look, style and feel of each customer’s home.

As well as being available in two standard designs, AluK’s specially-developed online configurator lets the customer create their personalised handle on-screen, choosing the features they want whilst retaining Novae’s advanced technical performance and high-quality finish.

Balanced and understated, the Novae handles are adaptable enough to suit commercial and domestic environments. The option to customise the front face of the concealed base version, a key AluK innovation, means every handle is bespoke for every customer.

To find out more about the Novae handles, visit our website.

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