The bride of Basra

As a place drenched in political difficulty at the moment, Iraq may not seem to be the most obvious location to build the next big thing in architecture. However, with eyes on Basra, Southern Iraq, the architectural practice AMBS have drawn up plans for the world’s tallest building.

Standing at 1,152 meters the building will be made up of four towers that are connected horizontally for the most stable structure. The tallest tower will stand at 964 meters high, with a 188 meter high antenna.

The Bride of the Gulf is proposed to be a “beacon for Iraq’s future.” The plan is to create a vertical city which is both advanced and sustainable.

Marcos De Andres, director at AMBS Architects, said “One of the key objectives at the beginning was to create a city that could live off the grid.” The intention is for the building to produce as much energy as it consumes and be completely powered by solar with integrated photovoltaic thermal panels, which generate both electricity and heat.

De Andres also states the build would also have several alternative horizontal and vertical escape routes in case of emergency. A canopy will provide shade and cover for the tallest tower’s south facade. In turn the tallest tower will provide shade for the lower three to make an environment that is liveable for people.

To find out more about the status of this build, click here

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