A view of Limestone Gallery

Building atop a mountain with a karst topography presented a number of challenges for design, but Architectural studio 3andwich Design overcame them all with the creation of Limestone Gallery—a stunning 2-storey building located 100 meters above ground in Haiwei Canyon, Guizhou Province, China.

Limestone Gallery consists of exhibition, conference, and service areas, but its most impressive feature is its curved glass façade, which boasts a breath-taking panoramic view of the whole canyon. While the transparency of the glass face contrasts with the solid mountains, from certain angles, it makes the building blend into the canyon, reflecting the surrounding landscape.

With such steep cliffs and magnificent views, Haiwei Canyon is a popular spot for outdoor sports enthusiasts, so it was important for the building to be unobtrusive. With sweeping windows, the gallery is in the shape of a non-symmetrical crescent, rather than breaking up the varied topography with right angles. 3andwich commented that “the best way of communication is to be modest, using the simplicity of architecture to reflect the complexity of nature.”

To find out more about this challenging design, click here.

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