5 Reasons Acoustic Performance Matters

When it comes to selecting the perfect sliding doors or windows for your home or commercial property, it can be easy to overlook the importance of acoustic performance. Noise reduction impacts your life, your budget and even your health in ways you may never have realised. Here’s why acoustic performance is so important:

Less stress

Noise pollution is a cause of stress; it can keep you awake at night and, though you may not realise it, can actually harm your hearing. The World Health Organisation’s volume target is 40 decibels (dB), but with light traffic reaching 50dB and a construction site measuring around 80dB, only quality acoustic products can protect you and ensure your home is calm and quiet.

More focus

Whether you’re in the office or at home, noise pollution is frequently cited as a significant distraction. With more people than ever before crammed into our urban spaces, noise levels are increasingly difficult to manage – there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution to reducing noise, which is why it’s so essential to invest in acoustic performance.

Quality guaranteed

When purchasing essential items like windows or sliding doors, the promise of high-quality acoustic performance also guarantees the quality of the product itself. For quality frames, solid locks and stunning glazing, make sure you look out for acoustic performance, too.

Save money

If windows or doors are designed with the end user’s comfort in mind, their noise-reducing capabilities will also result in greater thermal insulation, engineered and installed to slot smoothly into place without gaps to keep your home warm.

Go green

Improved sound insulation can directly impact the ecological quality of a building, with more and more studies finding correlations between acoustic performance and the environmental impact of a building. For example, Green Building Labels (GBLs) which identify sustainable buildings by assessing its ecologic, economic and social performance, includes sound insulation as a criteria.

Clearly, acoustic performance is an important consideration. It doesn’t just impact your wellbeing, but it can also affect your health and even save you money.

With AluK’s stunning inline sliding door system, Infinium, you enjoy all the benefits of acoustic performance with no compromise on design. From an almost-impossibly thin frame offering panoramic, crystal clear views to sold locks and double thermal breaks for insulation, Infinium keeps noise out and keeps style in.

To find out more about the Infinium range and how its superior acoustic performance could benefit you, visit our website.

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