Huangshan Mountain Village

Nestled in the rocky landscape of eastern China, Huangshan Mountain Village is a reflective residential retreat consisting of 10 unique housing blocks, inspired by the surrounding landscape.  

The development from Chinese architectural design firm MAD seeks to help reconnect with the natural environment through its design. Each blocks’ floorplates decrease in size as the buildings increase in height, tapering to reflect the granite peaks of Huangshan. Wavy balconies stacked upon one another bring to mind China’s terraced rice fields. The apartments have no walls blocking views of the landscape, consisting solely of windows instead, encouraging residents to enjoy the surrounding nature and go outside.

The studio explains the interaction of their design with the landscape: “The dynamic relationship that is created among the 10 buildings establishes a new type of village landscape: one where architecture becomes nature, and nature dissolves into architecture.”

Located along popular tourist destination Taiping Lake, the towers are part of the area’s tourism master plan, which aims to blend architecture and nature to create modern living spaces. The village is also one of several mountain-inspired developments by MAD.

MAD’s founder Ma Yansong also drew inspiration from shan shui—ancient Chinese landscape paintings. Ma describes the idea behind the development: “We hope that residents will not just look at the scenery, but see themselves in relation to this environment, attention that is brought inward. In observing oneself, one perhaps begins to notice a different self than the one present in the city.”

To read more about the beautiful, undulating design, click here.

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