Biovet Headquarters

Featuring six storeys of glistening hexagonal glass, the Biovet Headquarters building in Bulgaria reflects the company’s pharmaceutical identity through both functional and simplistic architecture.

The eye-catching building, realised by Atelier Serafimov Architects, features hexagons for a number of reasons. Along with sharing the geometry of the company’s logo, they also imitate the structure of an organic compound fundamental to organic chemistry and the pharmaceutical industry. The resulting façade creates visual interest from both outside and inside the building, casting distinct and changing shadows on interior walls throughout the day.

The first two storeys include an impressive entrance hall, conference hall, recreation zone and administrative areas. A multifunctional conference block tops off four floors of office space. Individual offices feature floor to ceiling glass walls, making spaces feel larger.

Along with having kept the company’s specifics needs in mind, this multifunctional design also considered employee comfort, including high ceilings and acoustic material for an improved working atmosphere.

To find out more about this captivating design, click here.

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