Nordea Danish Headquarters

Inspired by vast Nordic landscapes, Nordea’s Danish headquarters is a beautifully captivating building.

Designed by architectural firm Henning Larsen, the Nordic bank’s headquarters is comprised of two large wings with vast indoor atria. Both wings welcome visitors with incredible crystalline glass façades, which are reminiscent of the fractured surfaces of icebergs. Using the Kastenfenster system—a two-pane window system—the façade provides natural ventilation, noise dampening and solar shading to the building. Subsequent benefits include energy saving, improved acoustics and indoor climate control.

In order to promote an approachable atmosphere, the reception is located in an inner streetscape, from which the public can observe the life and work of the bank through internal glass barriers. Large skylights offer views of the sky and allow natural light to stream in.

The atrium spaces are decorated with slate, oak and trees borrowed from Nordic forests. The bank as a whole reflects the Nordic landscape in its similarity to a large glacier atop a slate base.

You can find out more about this scintillating building here.

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