The Cut Out House

After sitting untouched since the 1920s, the Cut Out House in San Francisco has been remodelled by American firm Fougeron Architecture, making it a home fit for a modern family.

Over a century old, the three-storey Victorian home occupies a narrow lot of 20 x 8 metres. To make the space feel larger and lighter, the rear facing wall was replaced with an impressive two-storey canted glass façade. The window tilts outward at nine degrees, maximising the floor area. On the third floor, a portion of the glass wall angles outwards in the opposite direction, contributing to the home’s visual interest. The large panes of glass are set in a field-glazed steel frame.

Large sliding doors lead into the back garden, where a deep blue fence is the same colour of the ground floor kitchen’s cabinetry. The matching colours along with the ground floor’s limestone floor effectively blur the line between outside and inside.

Indoors, the first floor overlooks the ground floor and offers stunning views of the San Francisco Hills in the distance. Fougeron Architecture describes the house’s unusual floorplan: “Each floor is placed between three slots so that the home connects vertically rather than horizontally. Traditional Victorian homes often are poorly lit and are disconnected from floor to floor, but by suspending floors, there is brightness and fluidity throughout. In this exceptionally narrow lot, solar orientation and natural light diffusion were paramount for making sure the home felt warm and open.”

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