Taipei Sky Tower

A bamboo shaped building is being built in Taipei, bringing an organic element to the shape of the city’s rapidly growing skyline.

Designed by Italian design practice Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, the Taipei Sky Tower, with anticipated completion in 2020, will stand 280 metres tall and house two luxury Hyatt brand hotels. With a grooved green glass façade, curved edges and an angled top, the skyscraper draws inspiration not only from Chinese bamboo, but from pleated Grecian columns as well.

The glass specified was chosen for its specific shade of green so that from inside the green and yellow light shining in will be reminiscent of the light that filters through bamboo leaves.

Antonio Citterio provides more information about their choice of glass: “Even if green is generally an expected colour for a glass building, the very special kind of green we aim to obtain will be different and surprising. The transparency of the material combined with the colour and the pleated profile will transform the glass surface in to a ‘vegetal skin’.”

A dual-branded luxury development, this is the first of its kind in Asia for the multinational hotel corporation and will comprise 500 guest rooms and a retail podium topped with a pool boasting impressive views.

To discover more about this organic design, click here.



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