Tetra Hotel

An exciting collaboration sees architecture practice Innovation Imperative and engineering firm WSP design a carbon-neutral hotel that seemingly balances on sharp points.

Currently at proof-of-concept stage, Tetra Hotel is a group of dramatically angled, futuristic pods that are arranged in clusters of four. The modular constructions will be multi-faceted and tapered at the base giving these looming 19-metre structures a delicate ‘teetering’ illusion.

Designed to be stable in groups, the individual pods will be set out in different formations depending on the needs of the hotel and to reflect the natural surroundings, which residents can enjoy through vast glass panels. The interior will be laid out on multiple platform levels connected by stairs, with a large glass skylight bringing light onto the bedroom; a bathroom, living area and study will be arranged in layers underneath. The designers have other purposes in mind for the buildings too, including bars and restaurants.

The visionary pods will be made from reinforced concrete panels that are sourced locally and fabricated on-site using a mobile field factory; this allows them to be built in more remote and potentially unusual locations. For the time being, initial sites in Cape Verde, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Hungary and the UK are all currently under consideration.

With carbon neutrality and low environmental impact being key objectives, Ross Harvey, WSP’s technical director, said: ‘We’ve investigated the thermal performance of the pods and included a sandwich insulation within the concrete skin reducing energy requirements. We have also designed in a photovoltaic farm for energy supply and local water source will be used for cooling.’

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