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570 Broome is a luxury residential tower in New York with a difference: the building cleans the air around it.

Situated in Hudson Square, Lower Manhattan, 570 Broome is a collection of 54 contemporary residences inspired by the history of West SoHo. Due to be completed at the end of this year, the tower is designed by Tahir Demircioglu, the architect behind the Ritz Carlton Westchester and Qatar’s Lusail Waterfront hotel.

The building is clad with Neolith panelling, a natural material processed by extremely high pressures and temperatures. As an additional option, the surface was then sprayed with Pureti treatment, which creates a self-cleaning and decontaminating effect. The end result is a building that alters the chemical makeup of the surrounding air.

Covered in this special surface, 570 Broome is a construction that sheets away water and dirt from itself; furthermore, its photocatalytic properties mean that it reacts with the sunlight and moisture in the air to break down volatile compounds. As the tower is situated next to New York’s traffic-dense Holland Tunnel, an environmentally smart building is all the more welcome in this area.

Within 570 Broome, there are landscaped gardens on both the ground and second floors, while the crystalline glass curtain wall captures stunning views of West SoHo and the Hudson River. These ultra-clear, double-pane windows are treated with a low-emissivity glaze for superior visibility and maximum thermal comfort.

The building entrance is enhanced with a glass-enclosed lobby and its sculptural light installation. A large selection of amenity areas are connected spaces, which include a private lounge, games room, fitness centre, indoor bike area and private storage units.

Speaking about his choice of surface, Demircioglu said: ‘The material is a win-win situation for everybody. It has an environmental impact, it helps the owners and developers lower the maintenance costs, and it gives a peace of mind to the tenants.’

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