Amaravati Government Complex

Designs by Foster + Partners for the planned government complex in Amaravati have been revealed to the public.

Amaravati is the new administrative capital of Andhra Pradesh, a state bordering India’s southeastern coast. The London-based architecture firm won an international competition to redesign the central area of the city, including the legislature assembly and the high court complex.

The government site, a strip of architecture embedded in a strong urban grid, measures 5.5km x 1km. The design incorporates a significant environmental strategy, where 60% of the area is composed of greenery or water. Solar energy will be widely used while official transportation methods will include water taxis and electric vehicles. Amaravati itself has been designed with high environmental standards, aiming to become one of the most sustainable cities in the world thanks to its strategic location on the banks of the Krishna River.

At the heart of the government complex is the new legislative assembly building, a democratic and cultural symbol for the people of Andhra Pradesh. Based on the principles of Vastu Shastra, the traditional Hindu system of architecture, it has a square plan with a central void. The space is sheltered by a conical roof with a wide overhanging canopy, allowing cool breezes to enter and circulate the building.

The high court complex will sit alongside the legislative assembly, inspired by ancient stupas – hemispherical structures for meditation. The building has alternating concentric layers of rooms and circulation spaces, reflecting a traditional temple arrangement. The outer layers are publicly accessible while the inner zones are reserved for the Chief Justice’s court and private chambers. There is a courtyard and roof garden too.

Norman Foster, the founder and executive chairman of Foster + Partners, said: ‘The design brings together our decades-long research into sustainable cities, incorporating the latest technologies that are currently being developed in India.’

The Amaravati government complex is expected to be complete within 25 years. In the meantime, you can view the stunning designs here.

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