Residential Tower, Tel Aviv

Architecture and design firm Penda has released hypnotic images of its proposed high-rise construction in Tel Aviv.

Recurring arches and cascading terraces reflect the city’s Bauhaus architecture, along with its simplified colour scheme and geometric forms. Most importantly, Penda followed the architectural school’s principle of function over decoration, opting for materials that suit the city’s climate challenges, rather than just designing another glass tower.

The distinctive arches also allow for views across the city while minimising exposure to hot, direct sunlight. These shade-giving shapes give outdoor access to every room, adorning the layered terraces with the architectural equivalent of a welcoming gesture. There are both open and private terraces throughout the tower.

The Old City of Tel Aviv lends further inspiration to the design: the ancient masonry of stone-paved roads and stone walls have been reflected in the brickwork of this tower. The high-rise is a modular design, which allows parts to be prefabricated at lower construction costs.

The 17,500m² building will reach 116m into the sky and house a range of one- to four-bedroom apartments across 18 floors, along with oversized penthouses. At the base of the building, residents can enjoy a cave-like pool and spa area, while a yoga studio, restaurant and various shelter zones occupy the first two floors.

Christ Precht, co-founder of Penda, said: “Designing in a warm climate is not about maximizing glass-facades and a continues AC-run. It’s about creating a design that offers views on one hand but minimizes its openings to direct sunlight on the other. The arch is an expression of this approach and improves the buildings structural capacities and energy performance at the same time.”

Construction of the mesmerising tower in Tel Aviv is set to begin construction in 2019.

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