Pingshan Performing Arts Centre

OPEN Architecture has released images of their ongoing construction, the Pingshan Performing Arts Centre in Shenzhen, China.

Due to be completed at the end of this year, the building will be the first theatre in the newly developed Pingshan area and is one of China’s most highly anticipated cultural venues. The New York and Beijing-based firm OPEN had won a competition in 2015 to design the arts centre.

The site measures 23,542 m² and contains what OPEN describes as ‘a floating square box’ where an opera house with 1,200 seats is situated, bordered by a curved road. Surrounding this are the centre’s less formal operations: educational spaces, rehearsal rooms, a black box theatre, a multi-purpose hall and gardens on different floors that boast various vegetation. A winding public promenade links all these elements together.

The centre’s façade is a made of a double-layer complex ecological skin designed for the particular climate qualities of Shenzhen. It’s engineered with perforated, V-section aluminium panels and coloured aluminium cladding, which block the sunlight in the summer while maintaining visual permeability and natural ventilation. This exterior is punctuated with windows and cut-out volumes to further introduce light and air.

The building combines a raft of energy-conserving measures, such as rainwater collection, solar energy use, and permeable paving.

OPEN Architecture said: ‘Pingshan gave us a chance to take a critical look at the development of Chinese theatres and to explore new possibilities. A series of seemingly opposite elements are at play in the building: the formal and the informal, the elite and mass, the traditional and the avant-garde. Together, they form rich and exciting experiences both spatially and in their contents.’

For further details on this extravagant arts centre, click here.

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