French Campaign Showcases Benefits of Aluminium

One campaign that has captured the imagination of the industry this year was Fenêtrealu’s promotion of aluminium joinery in France.

Made in association with the professional association of aluminium joinery in France, this clever initiative communicates the many benefits of using aluminium in the home. The campaign’s theme is “Aluminium, as extraordinary as you.”

The campaign presents real people explaining why they prefer aluminium, to customers’ individual needs and how they can be met with aluminium products.

We meet the Mercier family – Marc, Nathalie and Émilie – who are looking for windows they can customise. Aluminium is the perfect choice for them as a wide choice of colours and textures are available, flexible to their taste. Furthermore, aluminium windows can be bicolour: the colour on the outside can be different to the one in the inside.

Anna has different needs. She enjoys bringing the outdoors into her home; she is looking for an eco-friendly sliding-door system that has excellent insulation properties. Anna wants natural light, natural warmth and optimised comfort.

Aluminium offers a solution: 95% of aluminium products in the building sector is recycled, so the material is definitely environmentally friendly. They have great insulation properties too, enabling consumers to save energy throughout the year. They can enjoy up to 20% more light as aluminium is light and strong, reducing the volume of material required and increasing window space.

Matthieu is looking for the ideal balance between quality and price when purchasing a new sliding door for his home. Again, aluminium is the perfect option: it is strong, durable and sustainable. For products that have such high design quality, aluminium joinery is surprisingly cost-efficient.

So, which aluminium customer do you empathise most with?

To view the original campaign, click here.

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