Tahoe Qingyun Town, Fujian

Tahoe Qingyun Town is a collection of unusual architecture that incorporates the traditional Zen culture of the Song Dynasty in their design.

Situated in Yongtai County – a beautiful area famed for its poetic trees, creeks, mountains and streams – the town is a unique resort spot created by Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design.

Simplicity was their main goal. All the functional components have been hidden, including roof and eaves drainage, by setting up a roof drainage gutter. The pipes are hidden in the main building’s square columns. This strategy of concealing vital parts of the construction to project a look of humble elegance echoes throughout the design.

The main building adopts a steel structure while the façade is outlined by woodgrain aluminium plates. Triangular supports are chosen as a repeated element, in accordance with traditional Song architecture. To create a large span, the roof has a fish-bellied truss to connect the vertical supporting elements. The eaves are hollowed out to deal with the risk of local typhoons.

Shanghai Tianhua used a double-layer hollow LOW-E high-transparent glass to hide the building’s structure and to highlight the load-bearing components. A glass skin is placed in a curtain wall, which shows off the vertical elements. The building is therefore bright and transparent.

Outside, pavilions and social corridors have been installed along the water, along with courtyards that display the best of Fujian architecture. Traditional Chinese gardens containing small hills, pines and arches sweep around the town, creating multi-layered spaces.

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