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If a picture is worth a thousand words, the only word you need to know is Infinium.


Charming, practical and undeniably magical,Infinium  is the ultra-thin, ultra-flexible and innovatively configured sliding door system. Infinium brings performance and innovation in exquisite performance. With a sturdy structure providing a shield from the outside world, our sliding door system is a mix of design and technology, delivering free-flowing spaces.

With large expanses of glass and extremely slim sightlines, Infinium provides a minimalist appearance, offering unrestricted views and flooding rooms with natural light.

Take it easy, rest assured Infinium can also withstand the test of modern times.

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Attention to detail. It’s so often what separates the good from the great.

Infinium’s attributes will meet your highest demands and turns your property into a passion project. Infinium is designed to achieve serenity in your dream home and keep the noise out. Thanks to our ultra slim sliding system, you can express your freedom and choose from unlimited configurations of windows.

Equipped with its bespoke drive motor and electronic lock, Infinium sashes can be controlled with a simple touch of a button, remote control, or any other desired input. The motorised mechanism allows for virtually silent operation and is completely concealed at the top of the window for the perfect aesthetic solution.

Infinium’s thermal efficiency protects your home from heat or cold and helps you save energy.
With large expanses of glass and extremely slim sightlines, Infinium provides a minimalist appearance, offering unrestricted views and flooding rooms with natural light.

Infinium provides complete escapism, without need of escape.

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Like the finest pieces of art great architecture inspires.
With high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation combined with its range of configurations, Infinium will satisfy any architectural requirements. Our sliding door was designed with comfort firmly in mind.
Fully concealed aluminium outer frame and sash. Flush thresholds. Elegantly simple operation. Infinium’s considered design impresses from every angle.

Nevertheless great architecture isn’t simply built on aesthetic appeal, Infinium has been tested on a two-sashes window of W 3000 x H 2533 and has achieved exceptional thermal and acoustic performances with Uw-value inferior of 1.0 W/m²K and Rw of 41dB (-2;-5).

In addition to these benefits, have a look to our performance indicators of Infinium such as Class 4 (600 Pa) Air tightness, Class 8A (450 PA) Water tightness, Class C3 (1200 Pa, up to 160 km/h) Wind load. Let Infinium feed your inspiration.

With our high-end sliding door system, transform each of your projects into a modern masterpiece!

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With a wide range of configurations available, including width and height dimensions of up to 3m (W) and 3.5m (H) per sash, Infinium is a highly efficient, innovative system; easy to fabricate and install.

Featuring a bespoke 21mm central interlock exclusive to AluK, the multiple configuration system comes in a vast array of single and dual colour options. The rollers have been specifically conceived to distribute the load evenly, slide smoothly and quietly.

All these innovations will satisfy the most demanding customers.

The AluK Infinium sliding door is available through a selection of AluK partners. Do not hesitate to reach our marketing team at

Let’s discover Infinium !

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