The Rove Hotel Downtown Dubai

The Rove Hotel Dubai is one of six Rove hotels in Dubai and the only one of its class.  A 3-Star hotel in a high-end scale landscape, the Rove Downtown caters to the new generation of travelers who seek value, efficiency, culture and who connect with technology.

Located on Happiness Street, the Rove Hotel is a happy place, situated between the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, a mere 20 minutes from the airport.  Developed by the Emaar Hospitality group, the hotel is a joint venture between Emaar Properties and Meraas Holding and a fresh concept in Dubai.

Rove Hotel Pool
Rove Hotel Pool

The hotel’s 420 rooms are modern, fuss-free yet with all the needed amenities.  There is a pool on the mezzanine, meeting rooms, and even a movie theater serving popcorn.  The lobby and common areas have many elements of the Dubai culture and prepare the guests for their experience as they discover the city.  The Rove’s intent is for guests to experience the city as soon as they walk in through the doors.  The hotel is a tour guide using artwork, art installations and local pieces to depict the vibrant city life that awaits them.  It’s no wonder the Rove hotel chain was named new concept of the year at the recent AHEAD MEA Award, Rove downtown won first place in the event space category.

Rove Hotel Bedroom View
Rove Hotel Bedroom View

What distinguish the Rove hotel is the understanding of the new generation of travelers, a customer base that is culturally used to receive information in real time, very connected on social media and often-leading city lives.  They are used to a certain efficiency and gravitate toward reliable, technologically friendly environments, modern yet comfortable, with high-end design at affordable prices, Rove Hotel is that happy place!

AluK is proud to have been specified for the Rove Hotel.  Our SL50 is a complete curtain walling solution designed to offer the highest performance and flexibility of design while our 63TT doors were chosen for their optimal quality and sturdiness.  Aluminium withstands the elements, is low maintenance and add a modern feel.  A good fit for Rove Downtown.

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