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Who is AluK China?

AluK is one of the leading suppliers and top European brand for high-quality window, door and façade systems made from aluminium. AluK products are widely used in China and meet the highest requirements of design, comfort, security and energy efficiency.

The first project goes back to 1985 when the thermal break profiles were successfully used in more than 1200 rooms at the Beijing International Hotel.

The main office opened its doors in Shanghai in 2001 and AluK China experienced rapid growth ever since.  AluK systems are now routinely used for residential, commercial buildings, landmark retail and leisure projects across the country.

The successful completion of many projects has helped AluK China become one of the top international brands in the aluminium systems market in China, with sales teams covering North China, East China, Central & West China, and South China. They are dedicated to providing strong, local technical support and training for fabricators, as well as tailored project solutions for developers and architects.

What is the vision for AluK China?

Managing Director Andrea DEGASPARI, AluK China


What are some of the projects using AluK systems in China?


  • Atlantis Water World Marine Park in Sanya, (hospitality)

AluK China was specified for windows and doors solutions including the lift and slide systems for the constructions of this seven-star water park resort.

The resort is a modern interpretation of the Atlantis with an innovative design that offers panoramic views of the South China Sea from all angles and celebrates marine life.

Sanya Haitangwan Atlantis Hotel
Sanya Haitangwan Atlantis Hotel

For more information on the Atlantis project, click Here


  • Beijing Daxing International Airport (commercial)

 We are currently supplying more than 30,000m² of AluK windows for the base of China Southern Airlines at the new airport in Beijing, Beijing Daxing International Airport. Once opened, it will be the largest airport in the world with 7 runways and it can expect 100 million passengers to pass through every year.

Daxing Beijing Airport
Daxing Beijing Airport

For more information on Beijing Airport click Here


  • Tomson Riviera (residential)

We completed the Tomson Riviera in Shanghai, at the time, coined “the most expensive house in China”.  Today, it is one of the most luxurious residential apartment complex.

AluK China window systems were chosen for both the performance of thermal break as well as the overall aesthetics of aluminium, which gives the residences a modern and luxurious feel.

Tomson Riviera Shanghai
Tomson Riviera Shanghai
  • Chateau Star River (hospitality)

AluK China took part in several projects under the Star River Group (developer).

The Chateau Star River are luxury hotels and as such, the guests expect the best amenities and design.

AluK China’s expertise in customised window, door and sliding door solutions allowed the delivery of a sustainable, modern and performant system flooding each room with natural light and inviting the guests to step outside to enjoy the scenic views with ease.

Guangzhou Star River
Guangzhou Star River

For more information on this project, click Here

Do you have a bestseller product?

China is separated into different markets with different climate zones. We have cities below -30°C in winter in North China and cities that reach 40°C in the summer in central China. Therefore, AluK China offers a full range of product series targeted to each of the market with an emphasis on the region-specific needs.

Our casement windows, which are available with a range of customisable options, are the perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary residential design.   Our lift and slide is a thermal break system designed to achieve high performance with a focus on thermal and acoustic insulation. Its outstanding water tightness performances combined with its wide range of configurations will satisfy any architectural requirements.

Overall, China has a market that is diversified in climates but also in style.  It is very satisfying to meet the demands of the different regions with our wide range of products.

AluK China
Map of AluK China

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