AluK in the Middle East

AluK in the Middle East


AluK started its activity in the Middle East in 2001.

AluK Middle East is a local operation providing expert solutions and personal support for commercial and residential projects, headquartered in Dubai and serving all GCC countries, the wide Middle East, and recently expanded to the East African territories such as Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia.

AluK Middle East is primarily involved in large and iconic projects, the well-known Palm Jumeirah Signature Villas in 2006, which has marked the introduction of AluK systems in the most prestigious project in Dubai, and in 2010, AluK 67ID system was used for all balcony doors in the highest tower of the world, the Burj Khalifa.


AluK’s Positioning in Dubai and the Emirates


When AluK started offering aluminium solutions in the Middle East in 2001, we were one of the few international companies with a local branch implanted in the area, ahead of the construction boom.  Building relationships with developers, architects, manufacturers and contractors became an advantage not only during the construction peaks but also during recession times. Repeat business and trust in the wide range of aluminium solutions have the most impact on AluK’s growth in the Middle East.


Our Strategy in the Middle East 


With the World Expo 2020 coming up, Dubai is experiencing a boom in construction and it is driving growth in the area.  Taking place from October 2020 to April 2021, the expo’s theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” will focus on sustainability, mobility and opportunity.

World Expos are a catalyst for economic, cultural and social transformations and can generate important legacies for the host nation.  The country is currently investing in new infrastructures and tourism.

Up until now, AluK’s commercial activity has been dedicated to developing the Dubai market.   Now, the pursuit is in diversifying in other areas and markets while still servicing Dubai and its surroundings, widening our scope of work.

Egypt, for example, is attracting investors, building a new capital and developing tourism in the Mediterranean and Red seas.


Always Evolving to Meet Our Demands


Dubai remains the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ahead of Abu Dhabi, its capital, and  Dubai has become a major hub for neighborhood countries.  Dubai is leading the way in architecture, construction and safety regulations for the region.

From an architectural standpoint, Dubai is a great platform to create high-end projects.  Innovation in design has permitted the origination of new concept projects such as the Bulgari Hotel & Resort from the Italian luxury goods brand.

Bulgari Italian Luxury Resort
Bulgari Italian Luxury Resort
Bulgari's Coral Facade
Bulgari’s Coral-Patterned Façade
Dubai First Yacht Club qt Bulgari
Dubai First Yacht Club at Bulgari

Our design team ensures that our products so they can support innovation and we have designed and developed bespoke solutions to meet architects particular requirements.   We combine strong but lightweight aluminium profiles and many features to allow complete design flexibility and customization.

Architects and consultants are looking for companies offering aluminium solutions with European standards.  Almost all of our installed solutions are thermally broken and provide the highest standards for safety and insulation.


Meet our Bestsellers


Curtain walls, such as SL50 and SG50, are in high demands for tall vertical buildings.  Our curtain walls can be faceted, double-skinned, curved or angled to create the desired finish whilst offering maximum light transmission into the building with minimal profile sightlines.

  • SL50
SL50 Curtain Wall
SL50 Curtain Wall
SL50 Curtain Wall
SL50 Curtain Wall, MBR Villas,  Dubai
SL50 Curtain Wall, Rove Hotel Downtown, Dubai
SL50 Curtain Wall, Rove Hotel Downtown, Dubai
  • SG50
SG50 Curtain Wall, Saderat Building, Dubai
SG50 Curtain Wall, Saderat Building, Dubai
SG50 Curtain Wall, Business Village, Dubai
SG50 Curtain Wall, Business Village, Dubai


Discover some of our projects:

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In Egypt

  • Secon Nile Towers Here
  • Capital Business Park Here

In Kenya

  • Palazzo High Rise Here

In Tanzania

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