Dutch Design Week


Dutch Design Week, the biggest design event in Northern Europe, will be taking place in Eindhoven, Netherlands at the end of this month, from October 19th to the 27th 2019.

DDW concentrates on the design of the future and the future of design. Its objective is to show how designers from around the world shape a positive future and to strengthen the position and meaning of Dutch designers.

In this context, AluK is organizing an interactive architectural event in which 40 architects are set to participate, it will include a bike tour to discover some of the highlights of the DDW.

But what is the DDW, why should you attend, and what can you expect from its “programme”?



The History behind the DDW!


The DDW started as a one-day event in 2002.  The objective was to introduce entrepreneurs to designers. Its concept attracted more interest each year, the Day of Design became the Week of Design in 2005 when it was renamed Dutch Design Week (DDW).  The idea was to create a non-commercial fair where design, industry and business could intersect and talk to each other on “neutral” ground.  People attended from all the corners of the world and over 355,000 visitors were recorded in 2018.

Today the DDW consists of around 120 venues over Eindhoven and surroundings and more than 375 events.  The main venues are the Klokgebouw (Strijp-S), the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where successful and well-visited expositions are organized.

The main goal remains to create a non-commercial event, but the rapid growth did contribute to a more commercial approach and in 2007 formal entertainment was added to the event.  Pop venue Effenaar and classical music venue Muziekgebouw Frits Philips both organize the musical program DDW Music around the festival with live performances as well as exhibitions related to experimental musical instruments, sound art and sound installations.



Why attend the DDW (and how)?


The DDW stands out from other design events because it focuses on designs of the future. About 2,600 designers attend each year, and while every discipline and aspects of design are represented during the event, there is a clear emphasis on experimentation, innovation and cross-overs.  An international outlet focusing on the coming years, fostering an environment where the future is an international objective, it requires connection with a world of clients, but also use the power of creative minds to connect to international social issues more actively.

Some of the disciplines represented include architecture, art, craft, interior, graphic, mobility, social, research, service, digital, health, gaming, process, product, industrial, bio, fashion, interaction, education, spatial, textile, system, food and more…


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see what is to come and to connect and network with international designers and clients.  You will be at the center of innovation and brand-new ideas, it is reportedly very energizing and will foster your own creativity. Each year, special attention is given to the work and development of new young talents and that is your opportunity to witness it firsthand.


To make it simpler to navigate through all the venues and events, the DDW organizers have split the event in various design areas.  The first step is to look at the “programme” to refine your interests and verify the specific information of when and where, a separate “programme” for evening events was created with just as many events as the day “programme”.




On the programme, the AluK Architectentour Dutch Design Week

AluK organizes for the second time this year an architectural tour for a select group of architects. In one afternoon, the group of AluK team members and architects will ride through a portion of the city and will be shown specific points of interest, such as the first stop: Kazerne which was recognized by the New York Times for being a “renovated beat-up, cavernous building in the center of Eindhoven, transformed into a restaurant-slash-showcase for design and technology with meeting spaces, a design shop and lodging.”  Architect Harrie van Helmond will provide his insights on Kazerne and the ride will continue through exclusive locations toward the NRE and the central station area.   The NRE is a former gas plant and its area has gone through many transformations from 1899 on, it is now a small scale, lively and creative assortment of historical buildings making this location a unique neighborhood of Eindhoven.  Last year, our bike tour was well received, and we are honored to repeat the experience with more architects and to contribute to the DDW of 2019.




In conclusion, the Dutch Design Week is a must see for Architects.  A stimulating environment where design can be experienced and thought provoking all at once.  There is so much to gain and learn each day of the week.  Your creativity will be naturally boosted simply by attending and navigating through the exhibits.   To find out more information, click here

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