Infinium, the answer to renovation and construction challenges in the heart of Amsterdam

The history:

In 1857, the Prinsengracht 769 hospital was built in response to a cholera epidemic in the heart of Amsterdam. The Prinsengracht canal is one of the main 4 canals in Amsterdam and its neighborhood boasts many architectural gems, the hospital’s original architecture contributed to its beautiful landscape. 

The hospital complex underwent a few additions over the years from 1857, 1902, 1923 and 1957 for a total area of 9400 m2. 

Fast-forward to 1996 when the last hospital beds were removed, the complex started to host a clinic until 2015 and finally the building was sold to COD, a real-estate developer based in Amsterdam. 

The plan:

The developer’s objective was to use the space to create a stylish residential and office complex. 

The main building, which dates from 1923, will become an office space and will be restored as close as possible to its original state. The 1957 building will be developed into a high-end apartment complex with spacious rooms bathing in light.

The façade and support structures would be restored and extended at the back to create space for balconies. Modern insulation and acoustic interventions will ensure present-day standards of usability.

Façades were restored & extended to create balconies

In 2014, the Architect Firm MVSA of Amsterdam was tasked with the restoration and transformation of Prinsengracht 769.  A very exciting project for the firm.  As an architect, you rarely have the opportunity to design something new in the city center.  Returning as much as possible to its original glory, revealing the century-old detailing, ornamentation and paneling, some of which were hidden behind false walls over the years.  The client requested as much daylight as possible, so historically important elements such as the operating room huge windows would be replaced and newer space such as large glass meeting rooms would be added. 

However, the need for large window openings created its own set of challenges. 

The challenge:

From an architectural standpoint, the modern design should be future proof, using durable and sustainable materials.  Aluminium is naturally all of the above. 

To fit in with the adjacent buildings’ architecture, a modern renovation with a concrete façade and the tallest aluminium windows was selected for Prinsengracht 769. The challenge was to find a supplier that could deliver aluminium sliding doors higher than 3 metres  and to have a modern built-in motorization as well.

AluK’s Infinium was specified for this project.  Infinium is a high-end aluminium sliding system.  It can be completely concealed in the floor, wall and ceiling.  All you see are expanses of light and a small central interlock system.  With configuration higher than 3,5 meters possible, Infinium accommodates the glass meeting rooms and replace the huge windows in the old operating rooms. 

Infinium system, higher than 3meters and motorized
Infinium system, higher than 3 metres and motorized

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